HR & Payroll Solution Details

HR & Payroll Solution

A Complete Suite for HR Digital Transformation

A complete suite for HR Digital Transformation

Smart HCM

Streamline onboarding, payroll, HR processes attendance, Appraisal, and much more with our simple & intuitive platform. Designed with the individual in mind, We offer the most innovative and intuitive user experience with the flexibility to meet your exact needs. With this modern and immersive Employee Self Service, every employee can effectively engage with the organization to be more productive and innovative. Some Features are:

It is a game-changer in turning IT, HR, and support teams


It can handle all of your demands from a single interface. Bring all requests into one system, classify and organize them according to the requirements, and link them to various workflows based on your work procedure. It can meet all of these objectives, especially if the system can be easily modified to behave in accordance with department and organizational needs. You can make your own request type categories, as well as dynamic fields for various data kinds (number, text, date, attachment, list, etc.). You can manage:

Build a positive image with candidates as an employer of choice


The solution ensures that you are always online, ready to employ, and looking for people with the talent, abilities, and traits that you require. It enables you to post job openings on your company’s website and careers page. Applicants can apply for open positions in your organization via the eRecruitment Portal. It also makes it easier for recruiters to devise complex recruiting strategies for identifying and securing the best applicants ahead of your competition as :

Modern software solution for HR & Payroll development

Mobile App

Every person in an organization, we think, must play a part in realizing the dream. Make the most of technology to increase efficiency and save effort.
It’s a cutting-edge software solution for human resource management and development. It encompasses all aspects of HR, from essential HR and payroll automation to the sophisticated and strategic process of managing an organization’s most valuable resource. You will get: